Finally, you’ve made it through and you can’t wait to see the results. Many hold their breaths before going through with what started as a distant idea to have liposuction. But once they finally have the procedure the pain, swelling, soreness, bruising and discomfort quickly snaps them back to reality. But like they said no pain, no gain. If you want to gain that perfect chin, perfect waist, perfect butt, you must be willing to endure the pain. Here we delve deeper into what to expect in regards to the process of recovery after liposuction.

Liposuction recovery time

Often Liposuction is conducted on an outpatient basis. Here you come in, go through surgery, stay for a few hours under observation and leave after a few hours. One is expected to head home and rest before they are allowed to get back to their normal daily schedule. For laser liposuction, recovery is quick. In at least two days one can go back to work. You are however encouraged to go easy on yourself and avoid too much physical stress on your body. After a few weeks, you will be fully recovered save for some soreness, bruising and swelling which will go away with time.

Liposuction results

People come in different shapes and sizes. As such, one person may look totally different from what they expected. Most patients feel happy with their outcomes but a few whose expectation may have been unrealistic, end up in regret. If you have liposuction around your waist, for instance, the fat cells in this area are removed and it is very unlikely that the fat will accumulate there again. However, this is not to say that you will not gain weight thereafter. Fat cells may still find their way to other parts of the body. To avoid this unfortunate situation doctors recommendations encourage one to keep fit while eating healthy to keep their health and weight in check.

Recovery tips after liposuction

Keeping in mind that you went through surgery, you need to take measures to help your body heal and regain your strength. This can be done by:

  • Eating healthy –   Take lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits but reduce your intake of sugar and salt. Also, remember to take your antibiotics to stay safe from infection.
  • Walk around and stay active –  This helps promote the circulation of blood throughout the body which means faster healing. If you feel dizzy or tired, you are allowed to take a break
  • Less physical stress – For at least six weeks, avoid any difficult or exhaustive functions. You must give your body enough time to heal.
  • Hydrate –   After surgery, water is essential to clean out your system and rid your body of impurities. Keep off from carbonated or caffeinated drinks and instead opt for milk, fruit juice, tea, or water.
  • Comfortable garment –  Post operative care after liposuction demands that you should wear comfortable clothes. It goes without saying that if you’ve had liposuction performed in your mid-section you should stay away from tight belts and waistbands. Compression garments are also necessary and should not be removed unless your doctor permits it. A great way of accommodating the drains is by sticking to sponge baths at least until they are removed.
  • Massage –   While some doctors recommend no massage after undergoing liposuction, other doctors are for it. Liposuction recovery tips on massage require one to gently massage the areas where the liposuction procedure was conducted. The aim of this massage is to expel lymph fluid and increase circulation.

The above tips are essential postoperative care tips that ensure quick recovery and set you up for the best possible results after liposuction.

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