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FT Beauty&Health Co. promote medical tourism in Ukraine to British and International customers
FT Beauty&Health Co. specialize in facilitating the cosmetics and health treatment in Ukraine, by taking care of all arrangements such as access to clinics and specialists, travel, accommodation and, on request, sight-seeing and leisure activities.

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Please note that we highly value our customer privacy. The personal information you provide is treated confidentially and not shared with 3rd parties. Please click here for more information about our Processing of Personal Data

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Free Consultation

Our surgeons will review the information provided to check your suitability for cosmetic surgery and indicate the right procedure for you. We aim to respond within 1 – 2 working days with details of the recommended cosmetic surgery and a detailed quote.

Our surgeons are amongst the best and most experienced in their field, which helps you get the right advice and the best possible results from your surgery.

Booking the Surgery

Once you’ve reviewed the recommended treatment and are happy to proceed, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 400 GBP, so that we can book the surgeon and clinic. You’ll be required to pay the outstanding amount directly to the clinic in Kiev.

Please note that the deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind, and cancel the operation at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date.


We work with a few selected cosmetic clinics in Kiev to offer our patients cosmetic surgery packages of the highest quality. Our plastic surgeons have many years of experience and have also trained in leading clinics in US and Europe. Our clinics offer safe, effective cosmetic surgeries and treatments of the best quality at an affordable price.

We aim to organize your whole stay in Kiev and make it completely stress-free. Our clinics are ideally located in central Kiev, to service our patients’ every need.


We offer our customers cosmetic surgery packages of the highest quality, complete with extensive individual post-operative aftercare. We organize our customer’s whole stays in Kiev in a discreet, professional, English-speaking, friendly and safe environment, so they can concentrate on their beauty treatment without any stress.

We want you to be confident that you’ll get the results you want, whilst feeling secure, comfortable and looked after during your stay in Kiev with us. You’ll recover in complete privacy, in the care of our team and return home feeling fresher and rejuvenated.

Our English speaking co-ordinators will take care of you from the moment you arrive in Kiev, right through until you leave.

Contact Us Now
Contact Us Now

Your trip to Kiev and your stay in our beautiful city

We pride ourselves on providing the best care and support for our customers. Our team works with you to finalize the travel arrangements and will provide a list of available accommodation in the proximity of the chosen clinic.

You can also choose your own accommodation if you prefer.

One of our English speaking coordinators will meet you on arrival at the airport in Kiev, take you to your hotel, to and from the clinic, be always on call, and eventually drive you back to the airport when you are ready to leave.

Benefits of having the

Liposuction Surgery in Ukraine

Quality of care
Best surgeons
Personal assistant and 24/7 support
Unbeatable prices, which can be up to 70% less than the equivalent UK prices
All-inclusive prices and special complimentary treat
Fabulous 1500 – years historical city: sightseeing tours, shopping and restaurants
No queue, VIP clinic room with all facilities

With our expert local knowledge and carefully selected plastic surgeons and medical facilities we can offer safe, effective cosmetic surgery procedures at the best possible prices.

Prices of liposuction abroad

Our prices are all-inclusive, no hidden cost, discounted for the combination of procedures:

  • arrangements for all pre-op and post-op consultations with surgeons and doctors remotely and in person in Ukraine;
  • booking the clinic and all medical services for suitable dates;
  • booking accommodation;
  • transfer from airport to the hotel and clinic for consultation, operation and post-operative check-up;
  • pre-op exams at a clinic in Ukraine;
  • personal English-speaking assistant;
  • use of a local mobile phone to stay in-touch 24 hours a day;
  • cost of procedure;
  • local or general anesthesia depends on a case;
  • operating theatre and recovery room;
  • 1 night stay in clinic if needed;
  • Compressing garment;
  • City tour, shopping, restaurants tour (on request);
  • Post-operative check;
  • Transfer to the airport;
  • Complimentary treat from our company ☆ ™
Check All Our Prices
Check All Our Prices

We want you to be confident that you’ll get the results you want, whilst feeling secure, comfortable and looked after during your stay in Kiev with us.


London based company offering quality Health and Cosmetic treatment, at very affordable prices, in Ukraine to our British and International customers.

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