Patients could be sometimes confused about the cost of Liposuction provided on websites of different clinics. Some of them mention the cost per area of Lipo, some provide the price per zone, and sometimes we can see a minimum charge from clinic of £1000+, regardless even of whether the actual cost of the procedure is lower. No need to say that the Liposuction itself could be performed in a few different methods and this is something to keep in mind along with the price per area.

We are often asked by our prospective patients about how to assess the value and volume of lipoaspiration themselves, before getting an exact quote from the company.

Let us provide you with some guidelines and start by saying that the surgeon assesses not only the cost of your future treatment, but also the turgor of your skin and whether the amount of fat that could be taken away safely will help to achieve a desirable effect.

The fat is not just an unwanted piece of lard as we are used to thinking. It is an endocrine organ producing hormones, female sex hormones and a large number of biologically active substances, so the amount of the fat taken has to be reasonable. Following Liposuction, our clinic provides every patient with intensive therapy to help restore the body’s energy and vitality.

You can be surprised how a qualified and experienced surgeon, from just glancing at the picture, can identify related stubborn fat areas problems, like hernia or diastasis of abdominal muscles, especially in case of men, and suggest that they must be treated at the time of the Liposuction surgery.

Therefore it is always worth to get a professional consultation using the photos of the areas to be treated, and FT Beauty&Health offers a quick and FREE surgeon’s evaluation

Liposuction areas

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Let us start from exploring the most frequently required area such as stomach.

On average, the abdominal area is calculated as 6 zones. The upper abdomen above the navel to the edge of the rib arches is 2 zones. One zone is an area which is approximately 10 square centimetres, or the size of your palm.

The lower area of the abdomen is the area from the pubis to the navel and it includes 4 zones.

A separate zone can be considered as the pubic area, for patients with excess fat.

As for liposuction in the waist area, it is usually the most convex part in the area from the anterior abdominal wall to the surface of the back. Even if this area is bigger than one palm it will be considered as one zone from each side of the body. Therefore flanks are 2 zones.

Love handles can also include some unwanted fat just above the buttocks, which together with the lower abdominal area forms so-called «lifebuoy». That is why if you consider the area all around the waist it will most likely include 8 zones of Liposuction which are 4 zones of the lower abdomen, two zones of flanks and two zones of lower back.

Next, we are going down to the hips and looking at the so-called “ears” on the outer thighs. This area is counted as two symmetric zones, one from each side.

The next popular and, by the way, quite difficult area is the area of the inner thighs. It has very stubborn fat pads that go away last when you try exercising or dieting. Inner thighs must be done symmetrically and are calculated as two zones.

If we are evaluating the area of the knees it counts as two zones as well. This is typically overhanging area above the knee and the inner surface of the knees.

You should know that there are areas that are suitable for lipoaspiration, and there are areas that carry some risks for this type of treatment.

On the back of the thighs, women often ask to remove overhangs and the formation of rollers under the buttocks. However, if you make liposuction on the fold under the buttocks, then you can get the omission of the buttocks and deepening of the folds. It is most likely that the patient will not be happy with the results.

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How much fat can be taken safely?

Safe removal of fatty tissue on average is up to three litres of fat.

When we evaluate the body fat that is suitable for Liposuction, we tuck it between our fingers. The distance between the fingers is about 5-7 centimetres. When the fat fold, which turned out to be less than 2.5 centimetres, it is not recommended to do Liposuction.

In areas unfavourable to liposuction, the procedure can be performed, but it is more likely that an undesirable aesthetic result can be obtained.

It is especially important to carefully analyse the lower legs and assess whether there is an edema in the lower legs because of poor lymphatic drainage of the tissues, or there are small amounts of adipose tissue that can be removed, but very carefully.

Coming back to the upper body there is the area under the arms which is very often requested. This is calculated as two zones, but the surgeon will also consider whether the skin will tighten again and in some individual cases might recommend an arm-lift.

The area of the upper third part of the neck and chin with approaches to the lower part of the face is a separate special zone of Liposuction, which usually has a fix price.

So this is how in general the different zones are detected and everyone can estimate in front of the mirror at home, touching the areas as well, how many zones are required for a Liposuction procedure.

It is important to remind the patient, that compression garments must be worn after the operation, as instructed by the surgeon. Failure to comply, might result in swelling and uneven healing of the subcutaneous fat, which could contribute to asymmetries, irregularities, and, subsequently, result dissatisfaction.

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All the above methods of liposuction are safe if performed by highly qualified surgeons. Every different method uses different tools to achieve the required results. If you are not sure about the method that best suits you, you should do a thorough background check and ask questions. Remember it is your health at stake and you need to go to the best-qualified surgeon.

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