The coveted flawless look is what everyone yearns for each time they look in the mirror. A contoured face, defined jawline, a flat tummy, a firm chest, toned thighs, the perfect butt, the list of parts of your body you can enhance is endless. For many, liposuction is a viable option to get them their perfect body. But is it really for everyone? Could you be too young or too old for liposuction? Here we discuss further the age limitations in regards to undergoing liposuction.

The legal age for liposuction

There have been numerous incidences where children as young as 12 years have had liposuction for purposes other than medical reasons. Liposuction is a major form of surgery that comes with its own risks and uncertainties. When one is scheduled for surgery, they are required to sign legal documents one of which is the surgical consent form. According to the law, one must be 18 years or older to sign a legal document by themselves. Therefore, the liposuction age requirement should be 18 years and above.  For someone who wants to have the liposuction procedure yet, he or she is under the age of 18, the law requires that a legal guardian or parent be present to take responsibility and sign the consent form on their child’s behalf.

Laser liposuction age limit

Laser liposuction is minimally invasive and gentle on the patient’s body. As such there’s no one too old to undergo liposuction. But there are certain crucial conditions a patient must meet regardless of how old they are. A board-certified surgeon is never too quick to wheel you into the operating room. Instead, a patient goes thorough intricate tests to establish their viability for laser liposuction first. Some of these tests and conditions include:

  • Blood tests
  • Physical exam
  • Check their BMI
  • General health test
  • Skin quality (elasticity)

It is also important for a surgeon to wait until they receive surgical clearance from the doctor so as to go ahead and conduct liposuction on a patient.

Liposuction age restriction

Whether you are having the procedure for medical or cosmetic reasons, there is really no age restriction when it comes to liposuction. But how old is too old for liposuction? Once you’ve checked all the possible conditions which may restrict you from having liposuction then you are considered viable. Liposuction in menopause is however looked at more keenly. As one ages, he or she is prone to getting sick more often. While one can still have liposuction even with selected medical problems it is imperative that measures are taken during surgery to manage and ensure the well-being of the patient.

On the other hand, for liposuction age 15 to 16 to proceed, the consent from a guardian or a parent is mandatory and provided the candidate passes all the health requirements. Liposuction for 18 year olds is allowed since legally you are an adult.

Liposuction procedures produce excellent results and help put a smile on people’s faces. However, it is no quick fix solution for all your weight problems. One must ensure that they keep their health and most importantly their weight in check after the procedure.

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